The 4th Time (Why I Hate Dell)

Well, we’re at it again. For the 4th time in six months our lovely Dell PowerVault 220s drive array has died on us. What a piece of junk these things are. The pattern is the same as before (even with the patch that supposedly would fix our problems). A drive goes bad in the array. Now, I thought these drives were supposed to have 100,000+ hours MTBF, so I don’t know why we’ve had some many fail. Instead of seamlessly going into a degraded RAID5 state and starting to rebuild on the Hot Spare, the entire array crashes and the server blue screens.

We place another call to Dell, this time we’re getting a new drive and new backplane. That will be followed up with an entirely new unit in a couple of days. They have no idea why these things keep failing, and have no guarantee that it won’t happen again. (Note they are only replacing 1 of my 2 PowerVaults).

We have a storage consultant coming in next week to analyze our entire network and storage systems. From that they will be preparing a strategic 3-5 year plan for our storage and disaster recovery needs. This will be one more thing to add to there list of items to review. I think we will need to implement some short term, stop-gap measure to help reduce the outages until we can get a new system on-line

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  1. matt

     /  April 25, 2006

    Upgrade the f/w of the 220 backplane itself, not the RAID controller or system board.

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