Satoshi Kitamura, Great Children’s Author

Duck Is Dirty

Satoshi Kitamura is one my children’s favorite authors. He has a series of board books that Sarah (and Ellie when she was Sarah’s age) wanted me to read over and over again. The series includes: Duck Is Dirty, Squirrel Is Hungry, and Bath-Time Boots. I would recommend that everyone with 1-2 years have at least one of these in the library. The funny thing is that we don’t have any. We keep getting them out of our local library, and then we renew them over and over again.

He also has a set of books (mostly based on his cat, Boots) that are geared towards older children that Ellie really likes.

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  1. Great to hear there are other people (and children!) enjoying Satoshi Kitamura’s work. Please visit which has more about him – a short biography, a hopefully complete booklist and more!

    His alphabet and counting book (When Sheep Cannot Sleep) are some of my favourites which you may be interested in.


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