Off the Deep End

Well yesterday was Ellie’s last swimming lesson. It is amazing how much she has improved in just eight lessons. When we started Ellie would scream when her face got wet just taking a bath. We used to have to keep a towel handy at all times. Now, while she doesn’t like to put her face in the water she can. Ellie really is a good swimmer. She would almost always be the first one across the pool and back.

The picture above is really a movie. It is from a week ago when the kids were taken to the deep end. If you click on the movie (and have Quicktime), you’ll get to see Ellie jumping into the pool in the deep end. The video was shot with our new cell phones.

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  1. Wow! She’s certainly come a long way in those eight weeks! She’s more brave than my wife…

    (hmmm… she doesn’t read this blog, does she? I could be in trouble…)

  2. Amy

     /  March 14, 2006

    Hi Ken!
    Tom: Yes I read this blog! I will admit to being a “deep water” wimp. Good for Ellie if she can get over that fear.

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