Tulips and Easter

TulipsWhy didn’t we do this 13 years ago? Thanks to my mom, we have beautiful tulips around our front tree to welcome in Easter. (Click on the image to see more pictures)

This has been a crazy, busy weekend. It started on Friday, which I took off (I needed a mental health day). Even though the day was forecast for rain, we went hiking and had great time.

On Saturday, we got up and rushed to church for an Easter egg hunt, games and crafts. It was beautiful day, and we played outside for a while. Then Ellie and Sarah helped me shop while Fern worked on food for Easter. That was followed by a trip to the local park, dinner, bath, house cleaning and Easter egg hiding rounded out the day.

Today started very early with getting the girls up, Easter egg and basket hunting. Then we left for breakfast at one of Fern’s house at 8:30 (we were only 10 minutes late). Church at 10:30, and then home to cook the food for Easter dinner at our neighbors. I squeezed a nap in while the kids were playing. It has been a great weekend with near perfect weather.

Happy Easter to all!

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  1. Even though Easter is past, I enjoyed looked at your site and reading your post. I have a lot of Easter talk on my site that you’ll probably enjoy.

    blessings to all,


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