Vowing Was Never So Much Fun

This was a weekend of firsts for the whole family. It was the first time that Ellie and Sarah went to sleep over. It was the first time that Sarah ever spent a night away from both parents. It was the first time that Fern and I had been to Linden, VA. It was the first time our parents group (4 of 6 couples) spent a weekend (without the kids) together.

Many thanks to our friends Ann and Alan for letting us use their “family’s” vacation home in the VA mountains. Our parents group from church, coordinating baby-sitting for all the kids and we (the 4 couples) spent the night (in the fog) in a lovely home in the mountains. We all met a local winery, shared some wine and good conversation. We then drove up the mountain in pea soup thick fog, to this beautiful vacation home. Where we shared great food, more wine and conversation. We performed a short marriage renewal program that Fern put together and we all renewed our marriage vows. The proceeded to stories about how we met each other and the funny things that happened at our weddings.

It was a very full, exciting, emotional, rewarding 24 hours. Because Sarah is still nursing, we had to leave this morning and head back before the rest of the group. It was a fantastic experience and the girls survived without us, thanks to the great care provided by our good friends Trish, Alicia and Stephanie.

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