MySQLImport Error

Just a reminder note, when using mysqlimport and you are getting an Error 13 you then probably need to use the ‘-L’ (local) flag. It tells mysqlimport to load data from a local file.

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  1. I take it that you’re reloading from a mysqldump? I’ve never had luck using mysqlimport, maybe that’s why. I’ve always resorted to logging into a mysql shell and sourcing the export to reload my database. I’ll have to try the -L option next time I need to do it…

  2. Yes I was, in fact I was copy a 300 MB database to another machine. Once I found this trick it worked beautifully. It was really quick.

    Here is what I did (this is basically stolen right from the MySQL documentation)

    shell> mkdir DUMPDIR
    shell> mysqldump --tab=DUMPDIR db_name

    Then transfer the files in the DUMPDIR directory to a directory on the target machine and load the files into MySQL there:

    shell> mysqladmin create db_name # create database
    shell> cat DUMPDIR/*.sql | mysql db_name # create tables in database
    shell> mysqlimport -L db_name DUMPDIR/*.txt # load data into tables

    There was also a permission error, the import of the txt files is done by the mysql process not the user so the mysql account needs the correct permission to read the file, including the entire path down.

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