The Tooth Fairy

We knew the time would eventually come for the Tooth Fairy to visit our house. If all goes well she will be visiting our house in the very near future (maybe even tonight). Yes, Ellie has her first loose tooth. In fact she has two of them, and they are her bottom two middle teeth. Back in my day I think I got a dime or maybe a quarter for each tooth. From what I hear today, the going rate is $5 for your first tooth and $1 for each one after that. I know it’s been 30+ plus years, but boy talk about inflation. Rest assured that we’ll post some pictures once the tooth/teeth finally fall out.

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  1. $5?? Wow – don’t let Ellie talk to Davey. He’s getting a dollar a tooth.

  2. That is only for the first tooth, then a buck a tooth after that. Now whether we do that or not has yet to be decided. That is just what some of her friends have gotten.

  1. The Tooth Fairy Finally Comes at Nerhood Weblog

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