Another week, another bag of trash

It’s Monday! Time to pick up the trash. Walked our child to school today and was amazed at how much trash had accumulated. Thankfully I had a few bags stashed in the storage area of our younger child’s stroller, and on the way home I pulled one out and started filling it up. While we were still close to the school, a mom behind me mentioned that she needed to start bringing a bag to pick up trash. I asked if she would like one, that I had a few with me. She was very happy, took the bag, and was picking up trash immediately. We were at a corner where our paths parted, so between the two of us our neighborhood is a lot cleaner today.

The thing about it is that I felt a little funny picking up trash in front of other families walking back from school. But then I realized that if the trash just disappears, then they won’t think about it. But, if I picked up the trash in front of them, then they might keep an eye out for litter and people littering, they might remind their kids to put trash in the trash cans (and there are some along the way), and they might be more careful themselves. That was my thought, but the surprise and blessing, was having another parent volunteer themselves to help pick up what does get carelessly or intentionally dropped on the sidewalk and street. Whoever you are, dear person, thank you!

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