Killian’s, Oxford, Sierra Nevada

As I type, I am treating myself to a beer – yes, just one. I have alcohol very rarely, but the idea of it seemed to go well with the leftover chili I was having and the good TV show I was watching (Studio 60… more on that in another post, I’m sure!). I don’t like most beers. Killian’s Red is one that I do like. I also had a Baltimore-made beer, Oxford Raspberry (Oxford beers are now brewed by Clipper City), that a friend recommended. It was excellent. This one I’m enjoying now is also quite good: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. If you don’t usually like beer, but want to have a few you can enjoy, try these. But be responsible – even conservatively responsible. Only if of age. Just one at a time please. And try them at your own house where you don’t need to get in a car in order to get home.

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