Like a Gunshot In the Server Room

I’m told that’s what it sounded like when the power supply in our NetApp FAS 3020 dramatically failed last week. One of my administrators got a message saying there was problem with one of NetApps when he was home during the holiday weekend. He immediately called NetApp tech support which had already opened a case for the unit (you have got to love AutoSupport). They couldn’t tell 100% which power supply it was because it apparently blew the circuit breaker in the power strip (and because the power supplies are bus powered so that even though one had died it still showed up as being “in” the system). So they sent one for the drive shelf, and my admin headed into the office.

When he arrived they determined that it probably as the power supply on the head unit and not the drive shelf. So to make sure they had him pull the head unit’s power supply, reset the circuit breaker on the power strip and then reinsert the power supply. At that point a huge spark came shooting out of the head unit’s power supply, and the circuit breaker blew in the rack’s surge suppressor, as well as the circuit breaker in the electrical panel. That’s what sounded like the gunshot. Supposedly the smell of burnt electronic was very strong as well. So they canceled the one power supply shipment and sent another one. It arrived in about 2 hours, and when swapped we were back to 100%.

But the great thing was that during the entire time the unit kept running and passing data without even one hiccup. Way to go NetApp.

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