My First Run With My Nike+

Here is the graph from first run with my new Nike+ add-on to my iPod nano. I only went slightly over 2 miles tonight, because it was late, cold (only 29.5 °F), windy and it started to snow fairly hard about half way through the run.

As far as accuracy for the sensor, out of the box it was really pretty close. I checked my distance and the run should have been right at 2 miles and the unit said that I did 2.05. That’s close enough for me (for now).

I will add additional graphs and updates as I go. There is also a module that I’m trying to add so that I can share my progress, but I ran into problems getting it working tonight (problems with my php install I think).

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  1. I have Nike+. Got it back in August and it is awesome. Out of the box it was about .02 miles off. I calibrated it once, and it’s stellar. I track my 5K’s with it.

  2. Right now I have a homemade attachment so that I can fit it to my running shoes. I plan to get a “real” pouch for it soon. Once I do that, I’ll then calibrate it. Also I’ll do that on a warmer day too. I need to find a track near my house so that I can get the distance right.

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