NetApp Simulator Disk Fix

One of the great things about NetApp is that you can actually run fully functional Data OnTap Simulator of their storage appliances on any UNIX machine. It is a great way to test their product suite and demo up solutions before deploying to your production environment. I do have one minor gripe that is that you have to have a NOW account (NetApp’s Customer Portal) before you can download, and to get that you have to be a customer with registered product so evaluating before your first box arrives is impossible unless you can get you VAR to get you a copy.

Anyway, I’ve had a problem with the last couple of simulators that I have set up. When I create additional “disk” during the setup, they always come in as failed when actually start the simulator running. I first experienced this running as virtual machine on a VMWare server, and then on a actual hardware linux box. I was getting errors similar to the following:

Disk v4.28 Shelf ? Bay ? [NETAPP VD-1000MB-FZ-520 0042] S/N [66324112] has no valid labels. It will be taken out of service to prevent possible data loss.

I finally found a solution in the following comment on Scott Lowe’s blog entry about NetApp and ESX Server.

Once the simulator is running here are the commands that I use to get the disks back into a operational state:

>priv set diag
*>disk unfail -s v4.19

I repeat for each disk that I want to recover. When they are all unfailed, I follow that with a disk zero spares I’m not sure that is really needed but it guarantees that the disk are good to go. At this point I’m all set to use the disks however I want.

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  1. Jack

     /  March 17, 2007

    Thx good tip! It works.

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