100 Miles

I finally did, I finally ran 100 miles. I completed my 100th mile on Tuesday. I wish I had gotten to this mark sooner, but hey better late than never. It took my 37 runs with and average distance of 2.7 miles and and average pace of 10’04” minutes per mile.

Here’s to the next 100.

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  1. Shawn

     /  July 23, 2007

    WOW – good for you Ken.

    I used to run, but then my knees started hurting.

    Then I “saved” a bike from someone’s garbage, and fixed it up, only to have it stripped while chained outside my bedroom window. So much for Chase being a guard dog.

    Now I energetically vacuum the house.

    I also enjoy the regular heavy lifting of fine pastries!

    You motivate me however. I may have to started walking to the bakery!


  2. Congrats – that’s awesome. I can’t run much because of knee and ankle problems from years of competitive wrestling. I do walk almost every morning and may have to do this 100 mile thing.

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