Virtualization Begins

For about the past nine months I’ve been working on growing the use of virtualiztion within my firm. We had dabbled with virtualizing a couple of misc. application/development servers with the first release of VMWare Server, but I knew that in order to consolidate the rest of environment, as well as better prepare us for disaster recovery that we needed to expand our server virtualization strategy. The solution that made the most sense at the time was a VMWare Infrastructure solution utilizing their ESX platform.

The question was how to move forward without spending tons of money (and avoiding all of the politics involved in deploying a solution). The solution arose through the timing on our computer leases. We lease the majority of our computer equipment for three years. It just so happened that as I was looking to move forward, one of our major leases came up for replacement. To make it even better, not only did I have three servers that were due for swapping (and great candidates for virtualizing), but three years earlier we were forced in to ordering a large batch of workstation class computers. This time, with the advancement of technology, we no longer needed that class of machine.

With my good fortune, I was able to replace the three servers with two new servers (albeit much beefier units) along with the full ESX suite for both, and workstations with much better (thanks to Intel’s Core2Duo chips) desktop class units for basically the same monthly payment we already spending. It was a really win-win for company.

In some upcoming posts I plan to highlight our journey, cover some of the sites that helped us to get where we are, discuss where we are going, and finally highlight some of the difficulties and frustrations that we still face.

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