Sonicwall – 552 MS-Office file containing VBA macros found inside of the email

We were having clients say that they were unable to send us emails containing VBA macros. After spending at least 45 minutes checking all of our usual suscpects, I finally got a copy of the error message the client was getting, and they forwarded me the following error: 552 MS-Office file containing VBA macros found inside of the email.

At this point it I realized it was not coming from our mailhost. I quick bit of googling and I found that this was being blocked at the firewall level. It appears that Sonicwall firewalls when they have enabled the Gateway AV security service will block VBA macros as an option. It is a configuration option to enable or disable.


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  1. why not detail how to turn it on/off in the SW – “Great” article!

  2. adrian

     /  October 10, 2017

    Login to the SonicWall 
    Security Services 
    Gateway Antivirus 
    Configure Gateway AV Settings
    Check the box that says “Disable SMTP Responses”
    Additionally, select the SMTP section under Protocols, and uncheck ” Restrict Transfer of MS-Office type files containing macros (VBA 5 and above).” I unchecked all three on that page, as we have redundant mail antivirus in place for this client anyway.

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