You’ve probably come to this page to either to learn something about the site or something about me. I’m not really sure why anyone would care, but here goes.

I was born before man landed on the moon. I attended public school for my elementary and middle school years, and graduated from the all male Walsh Jesuit High School (it is now co-ed). After that, I attended college at Cargnie Mellon, where I met my future wife, Fern, on the second day of school. I graduated with Bachelor of Science with a double major in Industrial Administration and Economics.

My first computer was an Apple II+ that my Dad purchased. I spent many an evening playing Wizardy, one of the earliest RPG computer games. When I got to college, I got my first real exposures to Macs, PCs and UNIX (Sun and DEC) computers as well as the Internet.

My first job after graduating was working for the Apple reseller to the federal government. I was responsible for demonstrating Apple computers, software and peripherals. That position led to a Network Administrator role, which eventually led my IT Manager role.

As the description of my blog says, this is my “digital diary with topics about family, work, computers, technology, books and whatever else comes to mind.” I’ve never been able to keep a diary in the past. I would do it in school as required, but it never really interested me. Even now I find it amazing that I’m still writing entries. The secondary purpose of the blog, was to give me a chance to play with technology again. As a manager, I was finding that I was spending less and less time getting my hands dirty and I missed it. So this blog gives me a chance to play with things again.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • I’m a father of two wonderful girls
  • We attend, St. John Lutheran Church, in Columbia, MD
  • I’m an Eagle Scout
  • My earliest logged presence on the Internet was November 16, 1989 in a posting I made to the comp.sys.mac newsgroup about adding memory to a Mac SE

About the site

The blog portion of this site is built upon the WordPress publication system. The gallery section is handled by Gallery2. The other portions of the site come from various open source solutions. The site design is based upon the K2 theme by Michael Heilemann. The header images are ones that Fern and I have taken over the last couple of years.

The site design makes use of CSS. In order to handle some of Internet Explorer’s features, I’ve had to use non-standard compliant structures to get the feel that I want. Most of the time the site is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional, but not always. What all this means is that you need to use a modern browser to view the site.

The site is hosted on a server located in my house, with connectivity via my cable modem. My dymanic domain name service is provided by DynDns.org.

My server used to be a slow but steady Dell Latitude CS laptop, Mobile Pentium MMX @ 233 MHz with 128 MB RAM and a 4 GB harddrive, running Fedora/RedHat Linux, but it is now a new 20″ iMac G5 from Apple, running Mac OS X 10.3

Blogging Times

Blogging Times

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