Same Site – New Location

After years of hosting my own site, I’ve finally decided to move my blog to a hosted solution. You can now find my Nerhood Weblog at I’ve moved all the content, and almost of the comments. If you read my site via my RSS feed it too stays the same at

If you have linked to my site in the past, please update links to the new location. I will be keeping the old site alive and redirecting the traffic for a little while.

Hopefully with the change in site I’ll start posting some again. One thing that I do keep updated is my links so check the out for the last things that I’ve found.


I’m Back

Well after almost a week of being offline, I’m back. Sorry for the unannounced downtime, but I need to totally upgrade my sever and it has taken awhile to get things back on line. I think most everything is working (I still need to fix some things with the gallery, but the pictures are now displaying). Don’t expect much in the way of new content though, I haven’t had the urge to write here lately, but who knows.

Trysil Twintip Ski Jumping Game

I have recently become addicted to this online ski jumping game called Trysil Twintip. The background music is a little annoying after the 50th time.

Right now my highest score is 386,632. I’ve seen someone with scores over 800K. I don’t know how he does it. Anyway I highly recommend that you check it out, and if you do please post your score as a comment.

Update: My new highscore is now 549562

They say …

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Hopefully that will be true for you loyal readers (all 28 of you according to FeedBurner). Sorry things have been so sparse around here. Life has been crazy for the past couple of months. The new schedules related to school, dance, work, groups, and getting ready for and finally going to Disney World have certainly taken a toll on my energy levels and my desire to write here.

In order to make a little extra money for our Disney trip both Fern and I were writing blog articles for a service called Because we didn’t want to clutter up this blog with marketing related posts, we posted our articles on another site that I had. One of the requirements of the services was that we had write a non-marketing related post between each one for which we were getting paid. While most of those nothing exciting, I will over time repost those more personal ones here. They will be back dated so it may take a little work for you to find them.

Hopefully now that things see to be a little calmer I can post more, but no promises.

I Love My Gym

Three months ago I joined a gym. Never thought I would, but since having our second child I just haven’t been able to exercise. I used to love going to our community’s exercise room. It was small, had no classes, and there was zero available staff beyond the person at the sign-in desk, but it was already paid for as part of our community fees. But what I needed was childcare. I found that in a gym that opened near our house two years ago. I try to go three times a week. I should do more, but I am also walking our elementary schooler to school most days so I get more exercise during the week with that. And between the walking and exercise classes I do take, there just isn’t time for anything more. But, I love my gym. Even though I don’t weigh any less, I know that I am stronger, I sit straighter and taller, and I feel good about myself.

Thoughts from the Couch

My good friend Tom and his wife Amy have started a new blog called Thoughts from the Couch. This is a follow on to Tom’s original blog called Bald Man Losing where he was chronicling his weight loss. In this new one both he and Amy are writing about what they are doing.

Tom and Amy's couch

They have this wonderful picture of their couch as the header to their site, but I thought that it was a little boring so I’ve done some mockups for them to consider.

Wedding Photo on Couch

No that is not really Tom and Amy’s wedding pictures. Well, actually the faces are from their wedding pictures, but the bodies are not.

The Simpson’s on Tom and Amy's Couch

Homer and the rest of the Simpson family stop by for a rest on the couch.

I’ve added a link to Tom and Amy’s site to my Blog Roll on the front page. I recommend that you stop by regularly at their site to see what new things they are doing.

Updated Layout

Thanks to the server outage, I’ve had plenty of time tonight to upgrade my entire site. I’ll post later what I did and all of the changes that I made (and the fixes that I had to hack together). There are still a couple of things that I want to do and/or correct. I’ll try to get them all working shortly, in the meantime if you notice anything not working just drop me a line.

I’m now running WordPress 2.01 and the K2 Beta2 theme (links are at the bottom of the page).

Radio Free Burrito Episode Zero

Wil Wheaton, of Star Trek fame, who has been writing a very successful blog for a number of years, has release his fist podcast called Radio Free Burrito. It is great to hear Wil’s voice again after such a long time. Episode Zero is a well done first attempt. Wil is quite funny and certainly does not take himself seriously. Definitely worth the download and listen

Presentation Zen, Gates vs. Jobs

Presentation Zen has two great articles that contrast the presentation styles (and implicitly the effectiveness) of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The first article is titled Bill Gates and visual complexity and that was followed by Gates, Jobs, & the Zen aesthetic. Garr Reynolds, the author of the site, lays out in a very concise manner, what drives the Steve Jobs mystique and what leads to the Cult of Mac of mentality of its users.

One of his memorable quotes is “Design matters, visuals matter…it ALL matters!” When giving a presentation it really does make a difference. Steve Jobs has an open manner with simple, almost spartan slides that highlight his points. Gates (and many others) use the “Microsoft Method” otherwise known as the Really Bad PowerPoint when the presentation is stilted and the meaning gets lost.

High School Pictures – Class of ’87

In one of my earlier posts I talk about blackmailing one of my good friends by putting up a picture of him with his blond afro. Truth be told, I’m not even sure I have one. I’ve looked all over the house for my scrap book from my high school days and I can’t find it. I know it’s here somewhere, unless my Mom took it (it’s the big red one if you still have it Mom).

What I did find, however, were the senior pictures of a number of my good friends. They were a little worse for wear and I didn’t use a very good scanner, but I thought I’d embarrass us all by posting them to my gallery any way. The picture of me here is from Homecoming. The rest of the pictures are the senior pictures of the Class of 1987 (and one from the prom) and can be seen in my High School Gallery. So please stop on by and be sure and comment on the clothes, the hair, or whatever else makes you laugh.