Galley Boy – World’s Best Hamburger

When I was home for the Thanksgiving holiday, I had the opportunity to eat not once, but twice at Swensons, and of course I had their famous Galley Boy. For those of you not familiar with Swensons (and unless you are from the Akron, OH area you wouldn’t be), it was found in 1934 as a drive-in, and it still operates that way to this day (although some locations may now have seating). By drive-in, I mean that you pull you car up to the building and a waiter (now waitress too) will run out to your car take your order, and then deliver your food to your car, where you eat it from a tray. Truly a peace of Americana.

Well back to the Galley Boy, it is their signature double cheeseburger (made from special cuts of beef ground daily) with two special sauces, on a homemade bun toasted with butter. At $2.25 it is the best deal in town. If you are ever in the Akron area, you must stop at one of their locations. Now I just need to find a way to have one sent to me every month.