They say …

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Hopefully that will be true for you loyal readers (all 28 of you according to FeedBurner). Sorry things have been so sparse around here. Life has been crazy for the past couple of months. The new schedules related to school, dance, work, groups, and getting ready for and finally going to Disney World have certainly taken a toll on my energy levels and my desire to write here.

In order to make a little extra money for our Disney trip both Fern and I were writing blog articles for a service called Because we didn’t want to clutter up this blog with marketing related posts, we posted our articles on another site that I had. One of the requirements of the services was that we had write a non-marketing related post between each one for which we were getting paid. While most of those nothing exciting, I will over time repost those more personal ones here. They will be back dated so it may take a little work for you to find them.

Hopefully now that things see to be a little calmer I can post more, but no promises.


Storage Assessment, Datalink, and Rick Shangle

Way back in February we had a Datalink “an information storage architect … [who] analyzes, designs, implements, and supports information storage infrastructures that store, protect, and provide continuous access to information” come out to our site to perform a Storage Assessment. During that process they looked not only at the systems we currently have in place, but also at our workflow process and areas where data storage my be limiting our growth and productivity.

The primary consultant on this project was Rick Shangle (who happens to be Mac user), along with Teron Jones their Storage Architect. The firm was very impressed with both individuals and the report they presented is helping us to lay the ground work for where we are heading with our storage infrastructure.

Rick maintains two blogs, the first is one focused on storage technology called Storage Management: Building & Maintaining Powerful Systems the other is his personal blog, simply named I found myself reading his personal blog regularly so I’ve also added it to my Blog Roll.

Thoughts from the Couch

My good friend Tom and his wife Amy have started a new blog called Thoughts from the Couch. This is a follow on to Tom’s original blog called Bald Man Losing where he was chronicling his weight loss. In this new one both he and Amy are writing about what they are doing.

Tom and Amy's couch

They have this wonderful picture of their couch as the header to their site, but I thought that it was a little boring so I’ve done some mockups for them to consider.

Wedding Photo on Couch

No that is not really Tom and Amy’s wedding pictures. Well, actually the faces are from their wedding pictures, but the bodies are not.

The Simpson’s on Tom and Amy's Couch

Homer and the rest of the Simpson family stop by for a rest on the couch.

I’ve added a link to Tom and Amy’s site to my Blog Roll on the front page. I recommend that you stop by regularly at their site to see what new things they are doing.

Updated Layout

Thanks to the server outage, I’ve had plenty of time tonight to upgrade my entire site. I’ll post later what I did and all of the changes that I made (and the fixes that I had to hack together). There are still a couple of things that I want to do and/or correct. I’ll try to get them all working shortly, in the meantime if you notice anything not working just drop me a line.

I’m now running WordPress 2.01 and the K2 Beta2 theme (links are at the bottom of the page).

2006 and the Second Anniversary

Today marks the second anniversary of this blog. When I started two years ago I had no idea where is it was going to lead (and I still don’t). I was quite active in writing articles for a while, but the last few months have seen a real dearth of writing. It’s not that I don’t have much to say, well maybe that’s true, but in reality life just seems to carry me right on by. And, the next thing I know the day is done, I’m beat and heading off to bed.

In looking forward to the new year, 2006 has some pretty big things in store for the family. I turn 37 in February, Sarah turn 2 this summer, Ellie starts Kindergarten in the fall, and Fern and I will celebrate our 15th anniversary in October (time sure flies when you’re having fun). If things work as we’ve planned we’re going to try see our extended family a little more this year than last, because it will get harder once Ellie starts school full-time in the fall.

On the technical side of things, I hope to upgrade the blog software to WordPress 2.0, complete the site redesign, upgrade the PC at the house from a 600 MHz Compaq to a used Dell 2.0 GHz Celeron, tweak our new GPS unit (look for a future post about it), and at work implement a complete overhaul of storage and backup systems. Beyond that we’ll have to see.

I’m not usually one for making new year’s resolutions, partly because I never keep them (probably because they are often unrealistic), but I’m making a couple blog related ones this year. Here we go, I will average at least 1 post per week (asides/mini-posts don’t count). Two, I will upload pictures to the gallery at least every other month. That’s it. Nothing too outlandish.

I hope everyone had a great 2005 and I pray that 2006 will be even better.