ZEN and the Art of Cell Phone Signals

In a continuation of yesterday’s rant about poor cell phone reception with my new phone, there appears to be a really cool consumer product from Spotwave Wireless called ZEN. When released (supposedly in April 2006), this product will be a relatively lost cost/easy installation product for the home. The MSRP is going to be $399. The nice thing about this product (assuming it lives up to the hype) is that it does not require external installation and it uses less power.

Here is some the marketing about the product:

ZEN is the only network-protecting, intelligent coverage system available for the consumer market. It uses patented technology from Spotwave’s commercial-grade products to constantly monitor indoor signal strength – preventing oscillation (radio network feedback) and interference while ensuring the best signal possible for users. While “dumb” boosters and traditional repeater products can create interference that reduces user performance and can degrade network capacity, ZEN’s intelligent power management actually preserves – and can even enhance the performance of PCS networks. It also emits very low power to cell phones and other wireless devices, extending your battery life while it improves your signal…

  • Out-of-box solution – simple to install
  • Sleek design blends into any decor
  • Supports 1900 Mhz band (PCS)
  • Enhances both voice and data coverage (CDMA, GSM, EVDO, UMTS)
  • Works with most wireless carriers
  • Patented network-protecting technology