Thoughts from the Couch

My good friend Tom and his wife Amy have started a new blog called Thoughts from the Couch. This is a follow on to Tom’s original blog called Bald Man Losing where he was chronicling his weight loss. In this new one both he and Amy are writing about what they are doing.

Tom and Amy's couch

They have this wonderful picture of their couch as the header to their site, but I thought that it was a little boring so I’ve done some mockups for them to consider.

Wedding Photo on Couch

No that is not really Tom and Amy’s wedding pictures. Well, actually the faces are from their wedding pictures, but the bodies are not.

The Simpson’s on Tom and Amy's Couch

Homer and the rest of the Simpson family stop by for a rest on the couch.

I’ve added a link to Tom and Amy’s site to my Blog Roll on the front page. I recommend that you stop by regularly at their site to see what new things they are doing.