Review: Script Your Documentation Instantly

If you are anything like me you probably have little to no documentation on your servers. Probably it is because you don’t have the time or the personal to perform the tedious (and boring) work required; you know it is important, but other things seem to take priority. Well, you no longer have any excuse for not getting it done.

SYDI (Script Your Documentation Instantly) is an open source solution that will document your Windows Servers, MS SQL Servers, and Exchange Organizations. It is a fantastically easy product to use. In its simplest form, it will query an individual server and produce a Microsoft Word document detailing the hardware, software, networking, user accounts and storage settings with a table of contents and loads of other useful information. With a little extra work, you can have it query all of your servers and produce a set of XML files that can be converted in to HTML documents (using an included script) that makes publishing a breeze.

Using SYDI is really simple; it is just a VBS script that is launched from a command prompt. You do need to have Microsoft Word installed on the workstation if you want it to produce the documentation in that format. The software is written by an IT Consultant named Patrick Ogenstad. He has posted some really good how-to guides on his site.

I highly recommend that you take a look at SYDI and use it to help jump start you server documentation project. I did and in about 30 minutes I had published our server configs on our Network Management server.


New Electronic Records Rules

I’m looking for some help from loyal readers (all 3 of you). If you were not aware, on December 1, 2006 new rules for storing and archiving electronic files went in to place. I’ve been looking for a relative concise document/article that explains in clear language what I need to do at work to insure that we are in compliance with this new regulations. I found some information at the Yale Law Journal, but it was way to legalistic for me to follow and understand.

So If you have some information and are willing to share it, please let me know. I’ll happily link to it, or even host it if need.