The Legends of Dune

The Butlerian Jihad (Legends of Dune, Book 1)I recently finished listening to all three books in The Legends of Dune, a prequel to the Dune series. It actually took a long time to listen to these books (almost 4 months). Not only are they exceeding long, but they are extremely heavy. By that I mean, that the prose is thick, the stories complex, and they tend to plod along (sometimes at an extremely slow pace). At times I just wanted to chuck the whole lot and start something else, but I kept going. The performance was by Scott Brick, who did a very good reading the material.

The Machine Crusade (Legends of Dune, Book 2)This series takes place 10,000 years before the start of the original Dune book. It tells the stories of how the humans escaped from under the rule of the robots and it tells how each of the houses came into being and sets the stage for the things that happen way in the future. It also explains how the different guilds (Spacing Guild, Bene Gesserit, Mentats) came into being. The problem with this series is that it cuts between each of these stories lines in an unending cycle. Earth, Arrakis, on a space ship, the free human world, and then it repeats and repeats. I got tired of hoping from one thing to another.

The Battle of Corrin (Legends of Dune, Book 3)Overall, I enjoyed the series, but it was nothing like the original books. While some authors really benefit by using more words (saying in 10 words what others might say with just 1). These guys are not in that class. What took them 3 books and over 2000 pages (assuming that you actually read them), could have and should have been said in half that many. If you are really into the Dune series, then you’ll want to read them for completeness, but with everything else going against them I give them just 2 out 5 stars.