Reliving 20 Years Ago via Music

Time Again... Amy Grant LiveTime traveling via music is an amazing experience. I’ve been meaning to post about this for over a month now, but never seem to have the time.

Fern and the girls had left the night before for a girls trip back home to visit family and now it was nearing the end of the work day on that Friday when I received an email from an old friend. I hadn’t spoken to Molly in almost twenty years. We had been close friends back in high school. Late night talks on the phone until 2 AM (my mom still comments on those), long notes written and passed back and forth via mutual friends (because we went to different schools). We never dated, don’t know why, not that it matters now. She had just received her notice about her High School 20th Reunion and found me via Google. Anyway, we exchanged a couple of emails before I left to go home to an empty house. I had a lot planned for the weekend (and even got some of it done), but …

On a whim I had recently checked out of our local library a copy of Time Again… Amy Grant Live. So when I got home from work I dug it out of my bag, dropped it in the CD player, and cranked up the volume. The next thing I knew it was 1987. Thanks to Molly’s email I not only heard the music, but I was blown away emotionally. I don’t thank I would have felt the connection so deeply if I wasn’t slightly lonely with Fern and the girls being away, and without Molly’s email.

If you’ve been a fan of Amy Grant at any point in her nearly 30 year career, then this is must purchase CD. She plays some of her best songs in a live event that is extremely well produced. If you want to know more about Amy and her music, then be sure and check her out at


Thoughts from the Couch

My good friend Tom and his wife Amy have started a new blog called Thoughts from the Couch. This is a follow on to Tom’s original blog called Bald Man Losing where he was chronicling his weight loss. In this new one both he and Amy are writing about what they are doing.

Tom and Amy's couch

They have this wonderful picture of their couch as the header to their site, but I thought that it was a little boring so I’ve done some mockups for them to consider.

Wedding Photo on Couch

No that is not really Tom and Amy’s wedding pictures. Well, actually the faces are from their wedding pictures, but the bodies are not.

The Simpson’s on Tom and Amy's Couch

Homer and the rest of the Simpson family stop by for a rest on the couch.

I’ve added a link to Tom and Amy’s site to my Blog Roll on the front page. I recommend that you stop by regularly at their site to see what new things they are doing.

Vowing Was Never So Much Fun

This was a weekend of firsts for the whole family. It was the first time that Ellie and Sarah went to sleep over. It was the first time that Sarah ever spent a night away from both parents. It was the first time that Fern and I had been to Linden, VA. It was the first time our parents group (4 of 6 couples) spent a weekend (without the kids) together.

Many thanks to our friends Ann and Alan for letting us use their “family’s” vacation home in the VA mountains. Our parents group from church, coordinating baby-sitting for all the kids and we (the 4 couples) spent the night (in the fog) in a lovely home in the mountains. We all met a local winery, shared some wine and good conversation. We then drove up the mountain in pea soup thick fog, to this beautiful vacation home. Where we shared great food, more wine and conversation. We performed a short marriage renewal program that Fern put together and we all renewed our marriage vows. The proceeded to stories about how we met each other and the funny things that happened at our weddings.

It was a very full, exciting, emotional, rewarding 24 hours. Because Sarah is still nursing, we had to leave this morning and head back before the rest of the group. It was a fantastic experience and the girls survived without us, thanks to the great care provided by our good friends Trish, Alicia and Stephanie.

Two to be Doctors

We have two close friends that have decided that they are being called to go to medical school. This will be a second career for both of them. After a year of hard work of studying, preparing, test taking, applications, and interviews they’ve gotten their acceptances and scholarships and finally announced that they will be moving out of the state. What follows is part of an email that I sent to them.

I’ve known that this day was coming for a long time so now that it is here I figured that I’d share some of my thoughts and emotions. They are in no particularly order:

Happy: I’m happy for you guys, you’re starting on your dream and that is always exciting
Sad/Angry: I’m upset that we’ll be losing such good friends (I can’t help it, I’m human)
Impressed: I’m amazed at all the hard work you have already done and what you still have ahead of you, and that you decided to do it anyway
Jealous: That you’ve already had your mid-life crisis and you’ve decided what to be when you grow up
Disappointed: That our children will not have the chance to grow up knowing each other
Blessed: I’m so blessed for all the time we’ve had together
Annoyed: That Rob is going to get out of having to help us move (whenever that might be)
Excited: That you’ll be following your dream
Grateful: I glad and grateful that world is going to be getting two fantastic doctors

It has been amazing to watch Lord at work in your lives over the past year. It has been extremely obvious that he has had a specific plan for both of your lives, and that something wonderful is going to out of all of this.

It is a testament to your faith and trust in God that you are willing to take such a gigantic leap with you lives. You are starting on an amazing adventure, and you go with our love and prayers.

Karin and Rob, God Bless and Good Luck