My First Run With My Nike+

Here is the graph from first run with my new Nike+ add-on to my iPod nano. I only went slightly over 2 miles tonight, because it was late, cold (only 29.5 °F), windy and it started to snow fairly hard about half way through the run.

As far as accuracy for the sensor, out of the box it was really pretty close. I checked my distance and the run should have been right at 2 miles and the unit said that I did 2.05. That’s close enough for me (for now).

I will add additional graphs and updates as I go. There is also a module that I’m trying to add so that I can share my progress, but I ran into problems getting it working tonight (problems with my php install I think).


I Love My Gym

Three months ago I joined a gym. Never thought I would, but since having our second child I just haven’t been able to exercise. I used to love going to our community’s exercise room. It was small, had no classes, and there was zero available staff beyond the person at the sign-in desk, but it was already paid for as part of our community fees. But what I needed was childcare. I found that in a gym that opened near our house two years ago. I try to go three times a week. I should do more, but I am also walking our elementary schooler to school most days so I get more exercise during the week with that. And between the walking and exercise classes I do take, there just isn’t time for anything more. But, I love my gym. Even though I don’t weigh any less, I know that I am stronger, I sit straighter and taller, and I feel good about myself.

What a Week

Who would have thought that we would travel from one extreme to the other so quickly. In my previous post I talked about what a great day we had. Well the very next day, Sunday, was one of the worst ever. Ellie was amazingly difficult, she argued and fought over everything. She scream, she cried, everything she did pushed every one of my buttons (and I’m usually extremely patient and tolerant).

All of those emotions carried over into Monday. The day didn’t start off well either. Well actually it began in the middle of night when I finally came down with the cold that both girls had battled last week. I felt physically terrible, and was very depressed emotionally. Looking back, I remember just sitting in my office for 45 minutes staring at the wall not realizing what I was doing.

The cold continued to drag through Wednesday night. I was tired, sore and lethargic. Thank goodness for Advil. I took the edge off so I was able to function and think. The only downside being that Advil wrecks my stomach. Anyhow, I am feeling better today, and I’m looking forward to going to bed soon and a better day tomorrow.