The Tooth Fairy Finally Comes

Well the Tooth Fairy finally made a visit to our house last night. After a month of waiting for that loose tooth to finally fall out, I gave it a yank last night and it came out.

Fern was at a meeting and I was getting the girls ready for bed. Like we do every night I was helping the girls brush their teeth. Ellie’s tooth has been really loose for the last couple of days and Fern and Ellie have both tried to pull it out, but it wasn’t coming. This time while flossing her teeth, the tooth was turning all around and was just disgusting. So while Sarah was distracting us, I grabbed a tissue (for a better grip) and gave a yank. This tooth came out with too much force. Needless to say Ellie was surprised. There was some blood, but we rinsed with cold water, then had an ice pop. Ellie re-bushed her teeth and then off to bed. She was a really trooper. And yes the Tooth Fairy came. She left some money and a certificate, and she told Ellie that she could keep her first tooth too. What a cool Tooth Fairy.


The Tooth Fairy

We knew the time would eventually come for the Tooth Fairy to visit our house. If all goes well she will be visiting our house in the very near future (maybe even tonight). Yes, Ellie has her first loose tooth. In fact she has two of them, and they are her bottom two middle teeth. Back in my day I think I got a dime or maybe a quarter for each tooth. From what I hear today, the going rate is $5 for your first tooth and $1 for each one after that. I know it’s been 30+ plus years, but boy talk about inflation. Rest assured that we’ll post some pictures once the tooth/teeth finally fall out.