Virtualization Gripes (part 1)

Virtualization is not new, it has been around for a number of years. So why are so many software vendors afraid of it, and even worse hostile to it? We run a number of different application that have license managers for their software. These license managers are often a service and sometimes a hardware lock / dongle that runs on a server that all of the clients connect to for permission to use the software.

We’ve successfully virtualized many of these servers (they are great candidates because they are so often extremely under utilized when on physical boxes). The ones with hardware dongles pose some problems (I’ll save that for another post). Then along comes a product from ETAP. They will let you virtualize their application (which is extremely resource intensive), but they prohibit (i.e. software won’t run) you from virtualizing their license manager. This is completely insane! Their silly little license manager use very little memory, and almost zero CPU cycles. In our case it may handle one or two requests for a license a day (if that), and I have to install it on a physical box. What a PIA. 

In a plea to all software developers, “you have nothing to fear from allowing your software to be virtualized.” We are not trying to steal your software, we’re just trying to maximize our investment. Let alone allow us to be better prepared for disaster recovery. In fact, by making it difficult/impossible to virtualize is going to cost you money in the long run as I will strongly denounce your product and actively push our company (and others I deal with) to avoid your products and find alternatives that support virutalization.