As Slow as Dial-up

Well if you’re reading this post then you are very lucky. In what seems to be a yearly event, my Comcast cable connection is horrible. When it is up, sometimes it is as slow as dial-up, and at best it is at DSL speeds. We are supposed to have a tech out Wednesday evening. Frustrating.

I think the problem is the Downstream SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio). According to Comcast’s site as well as others the number should be above 35 dB. Mine ranges from 27-33. So this combined with a weak signal in general is probably why it is so bad.

I found these details out by getting into the web interface to my cable modem. I have a Siemens SpeedStream 6101 cable modem. You can access the screens by open your browser to and using root as both username and password.