Monitoring NetApp with Nagios and Nagiosgraph

With the installation of our new Network Appliance (NetApp) filers, I needed to be able to monitor them. Yes I know that they have an autosupport feature where they email you as well as NetApp whenever anything happens, but I still like to do my own monitoring.

The first thing that I did was check at the Nagios Exchange to see if they had any plugins for NetApps. They actually had two different plugins. The first worked and the second didn’t (if it offered a failed disk check). So I modified the first to add the additional feature, and becuase I knew I was going to be using Nagiosgraph, I corrected the performance data output for two of the checks to be compliant with the Nagios Plugin Development Guidelines.

Download my modified check_netapp Nagios plugin.

In order to graph the NetApp data with Nagiosgraph you will need to use my modified check_netapp plugin so please download and test before proceeding.

The following nagiosgraph map entries will allow you to graph both CPU Load and Disk Space Used per volume (by name):