Growing Up and Minor Flooding

Tonight was a busy night. The first big adventure was converting Sarah’s crib into a toddler bed. If we had our way, I’m sure we would have waited, but Sarah forced our hand. Last night I woke up to some terrible screaming. It seems that Sarah had tried to climb out of her crib, but got stuck halfway as was straddling the railing. She was holding on for dear life and very scared and upset. So that meant that off came the railing and wheels, and on went the short side railing with the easy access opening. It means that she will be waking up and getting out of her bed. But that is better then her falling on her head.

As for the flooding, I just came in from a massive downpour. It has been raining off and on all day long, and extremely hard at sometimes. So much so that our gutters just couldn’t keep up (they probably need to be cleaned again). In any case the water was streaming off the roof in to the front bushes. Where it was pooling up. So with Fern holding a flashlight and me in my swimming trunks and old rain jacket (not waterproof any more). I’m crawling under the bushes digging trenches with a hand shovel. It definitely helped. Now do I think water would have gotten into the house, unlikely. It would have needed to rise about 6 more inches before that happened. It was already starting to stream out of the flowerbed and away from the house. I just helped it along.